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Proguard Natura, based in Cape Town South Africa, is a unique range of highly effective Health and Hygiene products.

Ingredients are of natural origin and do not contain alcohol or chemicals.  All products are child friendly.

For efficacy testing, various products were sent to an independent Medicines Control Council (MCC) accredited testing laboratory -  

The Antiseptics, Anti-Bacterials and Disinfectants were proven to eliminate the following “super-bugs” on contact:

The Anti-Fungals were proven to eliminate a broad spectrum of skin causing ailments on contact:

These reports are available on request.

Other products (eg mosquito repellents) have been field tested in various areas internationally.  Feedback has also been received of the efficacy from satisfied customers internationally.

The Hand Washes do not contain Triclosan.

Products are “Diabetic Friendly” – great results

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure!